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The State of Ojuore Roundabout

The deplorable condition of various roads within Ota and environs has become an embarrassing stigma as there is hardly any part of the major and feeder roads that can be considered motor able. Most all the roads – Trunk A (federal), Trunk B (state) or Trunk C (local government) – are in terrible states. ; the manner of neglect by the relevant authorities is equally worrisome.
Adalemo Bus -Stop

Portion of Adalemo Turning, Lagos - Abeokuta Express Road
Take a look from the entry point into Ota, just after toll gate going into Sango, different portions of the road has broken down and the government seem to just look away with reckless abandonment . All we get is the banal excuse of ‘’most of the road roads are federal government roads’’. And so what? I know for a fact that the Lagos/Abeokuta expressway is a federal road, I also know how the Lagos State Public Works Corporation (LSPWC) do carry out routine repairs and rehabilitation works on this road (one of such was done very recently) and expectedly leaving out the Ogun State end of the road that stretch from toll gate upward. For me, that action of the Lagos State Government is responsiveness. Why can’t the Ogun State government take a cue from this?

It is worthy of note that about 80 per cent of the industrial bedrock of Ogun state is found within Ota geographical location, indicating that the higher percentage of the state IGR is being realized in this area, yet, no attention is given to the bad roads. Quite saddened!
Specifically, some of the worse roads include the Ota roundabout-joju express, which has become an eye sour especially whenever it rains, koro Otun-Itele road, Adalemo turning, toll gate road, ota-odo pako, Sango Joju federal-Ifo, Atan/Ota- Agbara road, generally believed to be the most strategic economic routes in the state, As well as Sango-Ijoko and more significantly the Ojuore roads among several others. Not to even mention the majority of Trunk c- feeder roads that are yet to received any attention from the time immemorial.
Notably, credit needs be given to Living Faith Church Worldwide (aka Winners Chapel) for the regular rehabilitation of many of these roads Were it not for their effort, we probably won’t have any passable road around here. Now that Shiolh is fast approaching, I doubt if the church is interested in any serious repair or rehabilitation of roads like the previous year.
The implication is that there will be constant traffic gridlock on the road and of course continuous damage to vehicles. Hardly can one drive 1km of road within and around Ota without entering a ditch or port holes. Unless government rise to their duty and repair the roads, citizens and residence might be in for a more difficult times on our roads even as the yuletides seasons approaches with it attendant rush and beehive.
Ota roundabout

It is also common for thieves, rapists and other miscreants to ensconce themselves in bad portions of the roads where all vehicles virtually come to a halt.  Accidents involving trailers often lead to marathon hold-ups and it is a tragedy that does not shock anyone anymore that scores of innocent people are killed daily in avoidable accidents on account of bad roads.
Conclusively, it is high time the state government and other corporate organizations doing business within rose up to the challenges of bad roads currently ravaging the livelihood and the economic activities of the community. 

more pictures below;
sango after the bridge

Joju Link Road
Idi-iroko road opposite GRA Area
sango after the bridge--------------photos by cYan Concept       

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