Thursday, January 25, 2018

Telling the Ota Story with Pictures

FOCAL POINT is an initiative of CyAN Concepts –a brand identity of Cynthia Njoku, an Ota based Photographer and Photoartist of international repute, with the collaborative effort of Ota’n’Environs Magazine -a community-based magazine with a knack for authentic news dissemination and community development. Having been into photography for a while now, I’ve been privileged to attend a few gatherings outside of Ota such as:
* Unabashed Africa -Abeokuta a photowalk organized by Bayo Omoboriowo (official photographer to President Muhammed Buhari),
* Slum2School Initiative organized by Otto Orondaam consisting a photowalk with  other reputable photographers telling the stories from the slum and  interaction with children from Makoko area of Lagos,
 Canon Street Photography Workshop which included a photowalk to designated parts of Lagos Island –put together by Canon MEA in conjunction with African Artists Foundation, Victoria Island.

Also, in my experience working with a media outfit; Ota’n’Environs Magazine, both as official photographer and columnist, I have come to understand the place of photography in Public Relations and as a tool for social re-engineering and community development.

Many occasions in my photography journey outside of Ota I have come across photographers who also live in Ota but operate outside and after exchange of pleasantries, I do get some few reactions when I introduce myself as coming from Ota. Reactions such as “so you’re from Ota! Wow! I used to think it was only point-and-shoot photographers we have in Ota”. “Are there really other contemporary photographers in Ota?”

I have equally had the privilege to do some solo photo walk in Ota mostly as a result of my journalistic adventures and out of sheer passion, what I see is quite inspiring and calls for more organized effort from other professionals. I believe we can tell the Ota story through our different lenses, capture moments and showcase it to the world.    

Hence FOCAL POINT birthed to bring together photographers within Ota and its environs. You will agree with me that “no man is an island”, I believe that our coming together will avail us opportunity to share and learn from one another.

This photowalk is open to all photographers who wish to join us as we walk and capture impressive moments to tell the Ota story.

Participation details:
Send an email indicating interest and availability for the walk with the caption “Focal Point” to and
Follow @cyan_concepts on Instagram.
Phone number: 08093588423

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