Monday, December 5, 2016



 Information from the grapevine indicated that the much awaited opening of the Palms Mall will be opening before the Christmas celebrations

 The fact that Palms Mall will soon be opened in Ota may come as news to many and the cynics will just 'yinmu' and go about their routine and some will say it is 'impossicant'.  Well, the fact is construction work started sometime in 2014 and is completed and due to be opened soon. our correspondent was opportune to take a tour round of the facility and saw that everything is almost set however, the management is yet to announce an official opening date but we are keeping our ears to the ground.

  I overheard a friend saying jocularly that "guys are in trouble", his reason being that guys won't have an excuse for not taking their girlfriends out on dates anymore as every girl would want to have a taste of the Mall scenery and ambience, at the expense of the guy's wallet.  Unlike before when you can use traffic as an excuse for not taking her to Shoprite Ikeja, there is no tenable excuse again.

We all know the Mall comes with line up shops of different widespread categories of services such as:

*Eateries  *Cinemas   *Shoprite   *Clubs and Lounge  *Salons and many other sophisticated outlets.   A lot of those who have been to Ikeja Mall and other Malls in Lagos already know what to expect.  I just hope that our people will not carry basket on their head like I saw on social media the other day when a Mall was newly opened, was it in Owerri Shoprite or where sef?

Now the questions that have been bugging my mind and i want us to ponder and comment on are:

Is the Mall coming too soon?

Is the Mall coming too late?

Are the people of Ota ready for a Mall of such magnitude?

What will be the socio-economic impact on existing businesses in Ota and its environs

To what extent will the Mall impact on the social lives of Ota and its people.

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